Can’t get enough

               Just in case you guys haven’t picked up your duffel bags from DECO at The Arcade..

           Here’s a reminder to! It’s 50L per try at the gacha but really, there’s no losing

because these bags are a top-notch mesh MUST HAVE.

                     For 50L you get a sick bag and you’re able to throw it, just walk over to it and it’s automatically picked up.



EYES: Clemmm. – Bronze glass
PLUGS: Reckless – black plugs (unavailable atm)
PIERCING: .HoD. – part of TV set 3
TATTOO: GoK – Oktober Manifesto
HANDS: [CheerNo] – mesh hands set 2, #1


HAT: {Elygo} – Beanie PomPom, grey
SHIRT: Entente – Sacha shirt
JEANS: Cestar – Calca HD, dark blue
SHOES: *FIR & MNA* – Gumshoes, brown


GLASSES: YW – Lenny, black
BAG: DECO – Bolt duffle, lightning blue (The Arcade)



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